April 2019, Volume 69, No. 6 - Rose Ward / Bob Kennedy



April 15 –Twilight Homes Foundation Annual General Meeting was held.  New Directors and members of the board were selected.  Some members stepped down after many years of service and they were thanked for their time and support.

April 29 – Ron Bjorge gave a presentation of his trip to Antarctica.  He had some wonderful slides of Icebergs, penguins and a lot of other.  During the slide show Ron gave a very good accounting of the trip and the various historical villages that were seen along the way.  This was almost like being there.



May 13 - a representative from MADD Canada will be our speaker

May 27 – Kiwanis AGM – we will be reviewing the financials and events of the past year and selecting our Board Members.  If you wish to be on the Board


Coming Events


Bingos: Team captains for the teams are: Rolf – team 1;  Rose –team 2;

Remember to do your part and step up when your team is up for a bingo: 


Reminder:  team members should be at the bingo hall by 10:30 OR 4:30 or shortly thereafter as ticket sales  begin promptly at 11 & 5pm and we  MUST have sellers. 

If you can’t attend on your scheduled day, please remember it is up to you to find your replacement.  Please don’t leave your team shorthanded.




Bingo Dates are: 2019


Team 1                                              Team 2

                                                                        Sat. Aft - May 25                   

Wed. Eve -Jun. 26                                          Thur.  Eve - Jul. 25                

Tue. Eve - Aug. 27                                         Thur. Eve - Sept 19

Wed. Eve - Oct. 30                                         Thur. Eve  - Nov. 28                                                              

Girl Guide bingos have also been scheduled see below for your Teams date:

Mar. 2, 2019 – Afternoon – Team 1               Jul 13, 2019 – Afternoon – Team 2                            October 5, 2019 Afternoon – team 1 & 2



Kiwanis Annual Golf Tournament

The 56th Annual Golf Tournament will be Wednesday August 14, 2019. The members on the Golf team are looking for more volunteers to get involved. The advertising and planning are well under way with the members of this team looking for Sponsors. If you want to assist with this event, or join the team please let Gerry Stelmaschuk know.



Christmas Carol Festival – This event will be held on Sunday December 15, 2019


Other Information and updates:


Twilight Homes Foundation:  The foundation is gearing up for the Annual General Meeting in April, please watch for the email with more information.  This meeting has been scheduled for April 15.


Festival of Trees: Twilight Homes Foundation is also involved in the Festival of Trees Seniors event.  Information will be out about this event soon.


Red Deer Safety City – things are shaping up to be a busy year for them. The Club continues to sponsor the organization. and are sponsoring a Kiosk at Safety City and we have a new office in the main building.


Ronald MacDonald House: Keith Brooker sent in the following:

The recent project, Home For Dinner, at Ronald MacDonald House was a combination of things!


The members, and wives who participated had an enjoyable, worthwhile time while cooking dinner, but during our time at the House, only fed 6 adults! 2 when dinner was called at 5:30, Ronald MacDonald’s’ time, and 4 adults when we were just about done at 7PM. By the way, anyone who has been a member for a few years and remembers our former President Don Ring, one of these folks was his daughter. I spoke to the Program gal as we worked for 2 ˝ and virtually no one ate!  They insist the meal be served at 5:30pm and have done surveys and studies and found that is the best time. I personally was let down, but was assured many times by Lori, that the food would be going to residence soon.


I also think we went a bit over board in our meal, on two points. Jim Young and I who shopped for the food, misunderstood quantities asked for by our Head Cook, Barb Young, and the whole meal was more than the minimum asked for by Ronald MacDonald House. For a dinner meal, they ask for Main Couse, Salad or Vegetable Tray and Dessert. A Beverage is optional. We provided Baked Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Peas and Carrots, Salad, Buns, and Pies for dessert. I think the Volunteers ate well. I know I did !!!!!!!!!!!!


The Red Deer Co-op donated $ 50 and I paid for the balance. Both parties will receive a Tax Receipt.


I think we should do this project again, perhaps in the fall. I think we should change the menu towards their minimum, and I think we should maximize the volunteers at 8, again their guideline.


I would like to Thank all the Volunteers: Keith & Karen Acheson, Jim & Barb Young, Milton Williams, Joe Yamniuk, Roy Beaton, and Lyonel Hartman and Keith Brooker. Hours worked was 3:00 - 7:00 (4 hours) by 9 Kiwanis members.


Camp Sherbino –as per the Insurance confirmation we do need to do some work on the wood stove in the Kitchen, according to current standards it is too close to the walls.  Further investigation is in progress.  Bob Kennedy has taken the lead on this project.  There will be two committees setup to move forward with a plan for the potential sale of the camp.  There will be one committee for selling the property and one for assisting the Girl Guides in finding a suitable location to continue camping with their girls.  There will be more discussion on this at a regular member meeting night.


Meeting Schedule and program – Larry, Monica and Bob Kennedy are working on the schedule and I am sure they would like some ideas from Club members for speakers and other program ideas.


2018 – 2019 Calendar & Bingo Schedule: these have been sent out if anyone requires a copy please let Rose know.


Red Deer Kiwanis Christmas Party meeting will be held at the Golden Circle on Monday December 9th.  Stay tuned for more information.


Next Board meeting May 6, 2019